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Forman Christian College was established in 1864 by Dr Charles W Forman, a Presbyterian preacher from the USA. The school was at first known as the Lahore Mission College, however in 1894 the name was formally changed to Forman Christian College out of appreciation for the author. In the early years, degrees were granted through the Calcutta University. School level guideline was hindered in 1869 because of the disease of key employees. School classes continued in 1886, with degrees being granted through the University of the Punjab. In 2004, FCCU turned into a contracted University and from 2009 onwards has granted its own degrees.

The grounds was situated in the Anarkali (Nila Gumbad) zone of Lahore for a long time. Four noteworthy structures were developed by the school on that grounds by 1916, and Ewing Hall, worked in 1916, is as yet utilized as a lodging by the school. In 1940 the school moved to its present extensive grounds of more than 100 sections of land on the beautiful banks of Lahore Canal.

For a long time, FCCU has been broadly perceived for its exemplary work of sustaining and combining the social and scholarly capital of Pakistan. The school adage, “By adoration serve each other,” has been a managing guideline for Formanites all through the historical backdrop of the school. Among the alumni of the school are two Presidents of Pakistan, a Prime Minister of India, the principal Chief Justice of Pakistan, various Governors and Chief Ministers of the Punjab and different territories, an Attorney General of Pakistan, two Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, a President of the Security Council of the United Nations, various Ambassadors to different countries, a Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, a Chairman of the Senate, a few Speakers of the National Assembly, various Generals and Admirals and a similarly great rundown of pioneers in the fields of instruction, law, medication, expressions and amusement.

the school changed over two lodgings into a doctor’s facility for outcasts looking for restorative help and in this manner started United Christian Hospital. Amid the Kangra Valley seismic tremor fiasco in 1905, Dr JCR Ewing composed and drove the help exertion. Also, at the season of the Quetta tremor in 1935, the school did dedicated alleviation work, this time under the initiative of Prof Jagun Nath. Social administration by understudies was made well known by Prof DJ Fleming numerous years back.

In 1972 the school was nationalized by the legislature. It was come back to the present proprietors of the school on 19 March 2003. In March 2004, the administration allowed University status to FCCU. The University left upon an energizing new stage in its history in September 2005 when it started a four-year Baccalaureate (Honors) program outlined as per world-class benchmarks for accreditation.

Scholastic brilliance and the readiness of pioneers who comprehend the estimation of administration have been the signs of training at the establishment since its commencement. One of the head schools of the subcontinent, FCCU has separated itself through its momentous graduates and the accomplishments of its personnel. It has fabricated a notoriety for giving remarkable instruction advancement and spearheading work in its educational programs, confirmation approaches, a scope of extracurricular exercises, and the thoroughness of its scholastic projects.

FCCU is a HEC-perceived, W-classification University. It at present has 6,347 understudies, 220 full-time employees with more than 100 PhDs, and more than 21,700 enrolled graduated class. The University offers Baccalaureate and Postgraduate projects. The 4-year Baccalaureate Honors program, began in 2005, offers an American style, world-class aesthetic sciences training at educational costs that are moderate.




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